The Impossible is Possible



William Mandell is a Las Vegas based performer who has dazzled audiences for more than a decade. Arguably, one of the best close up magicians in the world, William’s quick wit and charming personality will make any kind of event unforgettable. His intimate performances put a focus on comedy and creating an experience that guests will be talking about long after the show is over.


Seeing is believing, but you will have a hard time believing what you see. William performs magical illusions that will have you thinking you’re watching CGI special effects, except it’s happening right in front of you.


Mentalism can be thought of as magic of the mind. It’s not so much about what you see. It’s more about what you think, or rather William’s access to information that he shouldn’t be able to have and the predictions he’s able to make.


Trade Shows

Want to increase your ROI? William can help by attracting potential clients to your booth. He merges your corporate messaging with his performance in a natural way.

Private Parties/Events

Whether it’s a large corporate dinner gala, or a small intimate gathering among friends, William will create an intriguing experience like no other.


Make these moments unforgettable. Whether you want entertainment for your wedding reception or a unique way to pop the question, William can help.


Go out in style by having William perform at your next funeral. He’ll turn those frowns upside down!




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